The mediums for the exhibit are a combination of oil on canvas and acrylic on paper with pastel,  and an application of gold and silver leaf. The title “Return to the Valley ” alludes to my showing my work back in Western Mass, my longtime home and creative hub, where I moved from in 2008.

The show features a mixture of familiar themes of land and sea juxtaposed to expressive female figurative pieces. These are personal expressions, and are also created to interface with sculpture by guest artist and friend, Jim Rosenthal.

“It is a spark of beauty or a singular moment that inspires a painting. Yet as I have grown older, that is not enough. Now the work is imbued with deep emotion, and that moment in time catches fire on the canvas with my feeling …of this life, my life; and hopefully it will move the viewer to think of a moment in theirs, or to be moved in an important way in the viewing.”  – Heidi Coutu

Gallery Show: Return to the Valley